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Join Maggie’s workshop at the LEAD event – Amsterdam, November 14

On November 14, the LEAD network is organizing its annual networking event for professionals who share an interest in promoting diversity (focused primarily on the consumer goods industries). I’ll be running a break-out session with tips and tricks for helping executive teams benefit more from diversity in the broadest sense of the word: diversity of… Read more »

What’s your team uniquely positioned to accomplish?

This month, we’re working with the leadership team of the global Shared Services organization at a Fortune Top 100 company. How can the team best come together to make Shared Services a competitive advantage? The team quickly identified a need for closer alignment. Team members need to know what their peers are doing, so they… Read more »

What’s your blackberry doing in this meeting?

Ever found yourself sneaking a peek at your blackberry under the table during a meeting? (Or even thumb-typing away openly?) Are you experiencing an emergency – are your messages so urgent that they can’t wait until the meeting ends? My guess is you’re not in a crisis, you’re bored. Your time is being wasted here…. Read more »